Wish List: Please Unify MAX / Balance UI

One thing that I have always appreciated about Peplink / Pepwave hardware is that the user interface is constant across everything we have used - from a BR1 Mini to a Surf SOHO to a MAX Transit.

So I was a little surprised when we started working with a Balance 20X that the UI is almost the same - but not exactly, and for no seemingly good reason.

For example - the MAX lineup has a “Network” tab and an “Advanced” tab across the top, the Balance combines the two into a single tab.

The ordering of the various settings in the menus under these tabs are completely different between the Balance and the MAX, but the actual setting options are almost exactly the same.

There seems to be no good reason for this - and it forces people to hunt to find where things are if they have gotten used to one flare in the past.

And of course - it makes writing documentation and tutorials a lot harder too. :slight_smile:

I’d also love to see the MAX and Balance have the same front page dashboard UI - which makes it easier to re-order or disable connections.

I really hope that a future firmware can bring about a UI unification. Does anyone else wish for this as well?



And now, in v 8.1.0, we have SpeedFusion items on the top (highest level) and left (2nd level) menus … :confused:

On 20x the dashboard interface status does not display all bands connected when on LTE-A. It will only show a single band. Crazy! To find this I must view that in inControl.

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Hi. I think that UI issue has been ack’d and will be addressed in RC3.

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Especially the WAN Priority Option would be really appreciated to have on the Balance series. Of course features that are not available on all models won’t be visible. But this is just an UI change which should not be that hard to do.

Currently we are limited to MAX models for certain setups because of the WAN Priority options reacting differently on the MAX and the Balance models. The Drag-and-drop system in the MAX series is a lot more user friendly and easy to manage.

It would help to have the options that are available on different models to have them in the same spot.