Wiring for Connecting Pepwave Max Duo to 12V RV Battery

hi - I want to connect my Primecare Pepwave Max Transit Duo router to the 12V battery in my RV but I can’t find any instructions on how to wire it properly using the connector that came with the router. Perhaps I missed the instructions but I looked in the manual and could not find anything. Can someone provide me to those instructions?

One other question, there is an existing 12V wire going into the RV sound system that I will patch into so the single 12V wire coming from the battery will power both the radio and my router. Any issues you see in doing that?

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If you remove the green terminal block via the 2 screws, there are labels underneath it with - and +

On the transit duo I think its labelt as: VCC (V+) and GND (V-)

Hey Guys

Here is a photo of the terminal connections

Hope this helps!

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thanks for the information!

Be advised that your router will run hotter if you use the terminal block. Depending on the voltage input to the router, it will dissipate excess voltage (step down) as heat - no harm to the router, but check the surroundings for heat issues.

It’s a different model but for my MAX BR1 in my RV I found it easier to make a cable to use the round 2.1 mm socket rather than the terminal block.