Wiring diagram for DC connection

Hey all, I looked in the manual and don’t see this info…

Is there any detail on what the DC port on the Max Transit is? I know VCC is hot and GND is ground, I assume the others but want to be sure.

I would upload an image if I could but don’t see a way to. The plug is (Left to right)



You’re correct. VCC is for DC V+ or hot and GND and ground. The other ones are for a serial connection: null-modem-pinout
I believe its used for the feature under Advanced > Serial.

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Great, thanks! It seems like this detail should be in the manual as well.

It is in the user manual on page 201.
Or are you referring to the manual that’s in the box?

201 is web GUI in the manual I see

In that manual its on page 190

Strange, it’s on page 192. Also, there are only 6 ports on the device but 9 in the manual.

Do a search in the entire doc for vcc or gnd and it will not find it, but it has the serial connection stuff. Still nothing about vcc and gnd.

@blaczero, do you think this article will help?

BTW, the user manual is describing the serial interface in DB9 form factor, usually found in MAX BR1 M2M.