Wireless troubleshooting best practices?

I have a PepLink/PepWave network set up in a dense city where there are many other rogue APs within a 300-foot radius and my users are complaining of intermittent Internet availability, applications disconnecting from cloud servers, etc. mostly only over the last few months. I’ve troubleshot with the ISPs (and they each fixed a few things,) but now they look good (and the health checks are not failing) so I’m now suspecting a problem with crowded spectrum, or a problem with the Balance One itself.

What is the best way to use the available tools in FW 7.0.0 (on a Balance One connected to an AP One, a 300M and a Netgear Wifi router-as-AP in this case) to determine if there are wireless radio problems?

hi @RenegadeTech

Have you had a chance to look at our new Wi-Fi diagnostics tool?

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That sounds pretty cool but is of no help to me right now because A) the client site is thousands of miles away B) they don’t use inControl (prefer not to have monthly fees and just manage locally.)

2.4 GHz spectrum is normally overcrowded. Your customer could try switching all of their devices to 5GHz only.

Installing more powerful antennas could also help, if that’s a feasible option.

If you suspect there is a problem with the device - feel free to open a Support Ticket to investigate further.

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this might sound goofy but try lowering the power of the ap output.
I know it sounds counter-intuitive but is works in densely populated marinas. we see this happen a lot when the crew is trying to stream music and the ship moored right next to them is hopping channels right along with them.
lower the power and although the single gets weaker the thruput seems to get better.

a Hail Mary play at best

BTW inssider is a good free utility that watches real time changes in the spectum


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