Wireless SD-WAN for a mobile finance organization


  • A financial corporation in Western Europe.
  • Provides banking services such as a mortgage, savings, and securities.
  • As brick and mortar branches are becoming less common due to online banking, this organization has a different approach.


  • Robust router which can accept Multi-WAN connections.
  • Having the ability to bond bandwidths or failover seamlessly should the signal be weak.
  • As the data transmitted is confidential, the connection must be through a VPN.


  • Deploy a MAX HD4 at the mobile units.
  • The MAX HD4 has the ability to use four different cellular connections from its embedded modems and SIM slots, giving an ultimate edge for providing Bandwidth Bonding or even eliminating blindspots.
  • For when the mobile unit is in the stationary garage, it can utilize the fixed DSL line.
  • The featured terminal block can provide secure power supply installation for in-vehicle deployments.
  • The 8-Port GE Switch and Optional PoE Output can provide power and connectivity to external devices needed for day-to-day business operations.
  • Balance Two to be used at the HQ.
  • By utilizing InControl 2, configuring and controlling your Peplink devices remotely has never been so easy.

Devices deployed