Wireless Roaming


I have a query regarding client roaming on a WiFi network. We are installing AC-ONE-MINI AP’s with an AP controller but want to know if you have any kind of technology that asists the roaming of devices between the AP’s?
We are installing systems on yachts and what we see is that iOS devices have a tendency to remain locked on a particluar AP but if they move to another area with a stronger signal from another AP the device remains locked to the original AP menaing the signal level is low causing poor data rates.
I know some manufactures have created facilities within their hardware to assist switching to a stronger AP signal.

Is this something you currently have or could it be something you could implement? You already have the technology to monitor the signal level of a device to an AP, so I would suggest it would be a case of writting into the software the ability to release the device it it gets to a certain signal level which would force the device to connect to the network again and this time it should associate with the strongest signal.
Another possibility, but I don’t know if this is technically feasible would be for all AP’s in range of the client device to read the signal level and have some way of ensuring that traffic is routed through the AP with the best signal.

Many thanks…