Wireless Printer Has IP Address and Open Firewall but Doesn't Print



Our Pepwave Surf SOHO MK3 (7.1.0s026 build 1291) sits behind the ISP gateway. The SOHO has a core LAN and three VLANs. Only the core LAN has access to the router. Our wireless printer (Brother HL-2270DW) shows connected on the client list, and its IP address has a DHCP reservation on the core LAN. A report printed by the printer indicates that it has successfully connected wirelessly to the core network.

The problem is that the printer will not respond when I try to print a page. I receive a system message that the printer is not connected.

For the purpose of resolving this issue, the firewall rules allow all internal, inbound, and outbound traffic. I am not at this time trying to print from or through a VLAN, but from the core LAN, on which the printer resides.

When pinging to the printer via the LAN connection: “5 packets transmitted, 5 received, 0% packet loss.” A traceroute of 30 hops max., along the LAN connection to the printer’s IP address, results in 30 sets of asterisks.

Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Ok. So it looks like the network config is fine. What make and model printer is it?

Assume you’re in windows? I would check that the configured printer on your PC is using the right IP address / port for the printer. (in printer properties -> Ports -> configure port.


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply! Your instructions in the forum and on your blog are very helpful and very much appreciated!

I’m using OS X 10.13.4 to try to print with a Brother HL-2270DW. This computer and OS have communicated with this printer recently, but changes to the SOHO configuration have somehow made the printer inaccessible.

A report generated by the printer confirms that the printer is using the same IP address as indicated by the SOHO client list, i.e., its static address according to its DHCP reservation. The printer is not found, however, when I enter its IP address into the Printer & Scanners panel.


There are lots of forum posts about brother printers and OSX. Most of them say to remove the printer and reinstall itin OSX after a network change.

Its not a networking issue if your MAC can ping the printer (and both your MAC and the printer are in the same subnet) so something else is afoot.


I have the same problem with WiFi printing using MacOS, though the USB printing direct laptop to printer works fine.

The main difference from the OP is that I don’t know and can’t find the printer IP address. It’s not showing up on the Pepwave Status page and I have no idea how to locate it.

A search of terms such as “OSX print” and “MacOS print” brings up only two or three threads. Links to some relevant topics would be quite helpful. Thanks.

This one came up searching “Brother”: Printer problems I’ll try it but it isn’t exactly the same problem. More threads would be nice.


@MartinLangmaid is right !! :+1::+1::+1: Start with a basic troubleshooting:

  1. MAC book able to ping to the printer ?
  2. Other devices running different OS having the same problem ?

If connection is working fine, then may need to check for other influences .


Thank you all for your replies! While troubleshooting a different issue, I discovered that the core LANs Layer 2 Isolation was enabled. Disabling it allowed the MacBook Air to communicate wirelessly with the printer.