Wireless Network

I have a Balance One with 1 AP One Mini on far end of the office. I have this AP One Mini connected via Ethernet to a managed switch also on far end of office. It is in bridge mode and is receiving a VLAN subnet I created in my Balance One, works great. Question is how can I set up this AP One Mini so that when I reach the end of the wireless connection from my Balance One that the AP One Mini pics it right up simultaneously so that no new password is required or searching for the the AP SSID. In other words it would be nice to be a flawless transition. Is this possible.

Hi tjvoip45,

Roaming behavior is dependent on the client device itself, not the AP or Balance One. Some client devices will allow you to adjust some parameters via the advanced properties of the wireless NIC card itself.


As previously mentioned by Tim, the transition from one WAP to another is dependent on the client device. However, if you make the SSID of the AP One mini and password the same as the Balance One WAP, you won’t need to enter the password in again when roaming between the two WAPs.

OK cool thank you and isn’t there a way to use in my case, the AP One Mini as a beacon device so I wouldn’t need a wired Ethernet connect?

If you are looking for a repeater you should check out the Surf On-The-Go instead.