Wireless MESH

Hi to all,

I would like to get recomandation for following needs:

I have one one Peplink 380 balance, and I have one AP one 300m wireless AP.
I see that AP one is good for serving up to 60 clinets.
I would like to be able to supply up to 400 concurent clinets. This meash I will need up to 8 - 10 devices, but question is, how I sould setu up them, as I would like to have only one SSID visible to clinet ? Also are I would like to cover is about 500 sq.
Do I need to make WIRE conncetion to each AP, and is it possible to use same SSID, and in case of using some wireless security is clinet going to switch automat. to strongest AP, once if he lose signal from starting one (To enable roaming of end user). Or I need to setup same MAC + same SSID + same channel on each AP. Also in case I am not able to get wires, to each AP, is there wireless solution for connecting, like Mesh?

I readed someting about PEPLINK connector series, but may somebody give to me some suggestion / solution ?


Connection below is recommended. This will provide maximum throughput for all users.

10 x APs —Wired—> Switch —> B380.

Centralized AP management by B380 is recommended. You will have single SSID for all APs, roaming and Client Load Balancing.

In case you can’t get wired connection for certains APs, you may connect as this way (for example).

8 x APs —Wired---------------> Switch —> B380.
AP ))) WDS ))) AP —Wired—>

Hope this help.