Wireless link bonding

A customer want to install 2 wifi bridge running at 750 Mbps each. Is peplink have a product able to bond these two wifi bridge to get 1.5 Gbps on 1 outgoing interface ??

Simply bonding 2 connections isn’t possible, because you can’t combine 2 WAN IP adresses to 1 WAN IP adress.
This is why Peplink developed SpeedFusion VPN.

You will need a Peplink Balance router with 1,5 Gbps SpeedFusion VPN throughput on the end of the WiFi bridges and a Peplink Balance with 1,5 Gbps SpeedFusion VPN throughput on the other end, somewhere in a datacenter, or even at their headquarters.
Keep in mind that you will also need a 1,5 Gbps connection on the side of the datacenter/your headquarters.

The only Peplink Balance router that supports 1,5 Gbps via Speedfusion VPN, is the Peplink Balance 2500.
For more information, visit: https://www.peplink.com/technology/speedfusion-bonding-technology/.

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