Wireless Controller Question

Hi there,
I’m new about peplink and I’m starting to explore what solution is better for our environment.
I’m going to create a Wireless Newtork inside my company and I’ve created a Firewall Interface dedicated to it.
we’d like to have 2 ssid (one for guest, and one for employees radius authenticated).
My question is, in order to create a SSID Radius Authenticated is necessary to have a Wireless Controller? I don’ t see the option inside InControl Mangement when I create a SSID.

thanks so much

What do you mean by “created a firewall interface dedicated” to an SSID?

Is your employee SSID created by a single Peplink router or are there Access Points involved?

sorry, no segmented lan in our environment. So we dedeicate a FW interface to Wireless. It was just a note.
Empolyee SSID has been created on Access Point but I don0t know how can I use it for Radius Authentication without wireless controller.