Wireless control Pepwave/Balance

hi all
I have a question of the BALANCE wireless operating.
In a normal architecture the Balance can managed APs that are at its LAN, but What about APs that are behind a speed fusion VPN, can Those APs be mannaged by the Balance controller?
I attach a diagram for you
and other question
how works L3 ROAMING in peplink wireless architecture?

As long as remote APs are reachable to Balance AP controller then it should able to be manage by the AP controller. Even, we support remote APs management through WAN. For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Can you provide detail info for the project that you are working on so that we can advice better option for your suggested design above ?

  1. May i know the above design is mainly for APs management only ?
  2. How the internet traffics send from remote office ? Direct via WANs for remote PEPWAVE MAX ?
  3. PEPWAVE MAX are install in a static locations or mobility ?
  4. Any other traffics need to re-route to center site ?
  5. Can you provide the use case for the design above ?

Regarding to Layer 3 roaming:

  1. What you want to achieve for the L3 roaming ?
  2. Any reason client will roaming from 2 different network (Different Pepwave MAX) ?
  3. PEPWAVE MAX devices are installed near to each others ?
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Thank for the response.
The project is for a subway (train) WIFI with 160 concurrent user for car.
So I need a HD4 for cars, besides a HD4 for station. All with speed fusion to a Balance.
I need L3 roaming for that.

Example IP mobility of Aruba

Just to confirm the whole idea for the project is to providing Internet access for the 160 concurrent user in the train car ?

Any reason why the L3 roaming is required ? May i know is this related to the re-authentication/IP changes require when roaming happen between the devices ? If this is related to the re-authentication for the WIFI connection & IP changes , then you may consider Peplink IC2 cloud solution for captive portal. Captive portal allow connect from 1 device to another device without require re-authentication client device. For more information, please refer to the URL below:

Beside that, base on your proposal, look like you are proposing cellular connections for the train car. May i know the cellular reception along the train tracks are OK ? Will the train pass-through underground tunnel without cellular reception coverage ? Any other backup WAN for the project other than cellular ? Basically we also offer internet load balance solution if any other option WAN connections is available…

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