Wireless Client Host Names in IC2

We have Pepwave APs installed and configured via IC2. When viewing wireless client info, most of the data is tied to the wireless MAC address. Why isn’t the host name displayed so it is more easily related to the network device. It would be great if wireless clients displayed the MAC address and host name like a lot of the wired clients do.

Currently only MAX and Balance support discovering clients’ host name. We are working on the host name discovery support on Pepwave AP firmware. We target to have it available in the next release.

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If I have a Balance at the head end of a network with IC2 controlled APs hanging off that, what should I expect to see in IC2? I would think all the host names would be tagged by the Balance, but I’m seeing a mix of MAC Address and hostnames.

You’re right. If you go to the group level Clients page (not the one in AP’s device level), you should see their name identified by the Balance. If you see some clients where their name can be identified by the Balance but are shown as a MAC address in the group level Clients page, please message me the page’s URL and a screenshot. We will look into it.

Okay, I sent you a message.

Hi smammen, there are two cases causing the client names not to be shown.

  1. Device side: If you check the Balance’s web admin, you should see some clients’ name are not identified. Currently the Balance identifies the clients’ name from their DHCP requests. If a client’s IP is setup with a static IP, the Balance will not know its name.

  2. InControl side: at the time you captured the screenshot, the clients without a name are only online on an AP (probably because the clients have not been generating Internet traffic some time. The Balance treated them offline). As the AP didn’t report their name, IC2 cannot show the names even the Balance may know. When they are online again on the Balance (together with the AP), their names will be shown. In the future, IC2 will store the clients’ name discovered by all devices. So even if a client is only online on an AP, the client’s name could still be shown.

Thank you very much for the explanation. I will await the new firmware.