Winegard 360+ with Max BR1 Pro 5G

My new RV came with a Winegard 360+ antenna system on the roof. I don’t want to use their modem/router because they are stuck in the 4G days. I would like to use the Pepwave Max BR1 Pro 5G. My questions are 1) Has anyone got any experience doing this yet? 2) What coax connector type does each device use? 3) Is the Winegard antenna tuned to 4G/LTE frequencies to the detriment of 5G?

The Winegard 360+ doesn’t have enough antenna elements for the BR1 Pro 5G, and even if it did you want a proper 5G antenna.

The 360+ has its 360° TV antenna, 2 x polarised directional wifi antennas and a single 4G antenna element inside.

Don’t bother. Get a 42G antenna from Peplink and use that instead. 5G ready with GPS and WIFI for access to public WiFi networks.

Would you recommend replacing the Winegard Air 360+ with the 42G, or get and install the 42G while keeping the Winegard in place for the TV antenna?

If replacement is recommended, do you know of any instructions or tutorials for this swap?