William kane

I’m new to this forum and I hope I don’t sound to stupid. I have set up a PEPWAVE_SOHO and I cannot get the wi-fi network to authenticate. I have changed passwords, saved and applied and nothing works. The message I get is authentication failed. Any suggestions as to what to do?

Hi William,

  1. Ensure Surf Soho Security Policy is WPA/WPA2 - Personal (AP > Wireless SSID > Security Settings > Security Policy). Please ensure your mobile device support WPA or WPA2.

  2. Reset Surf Soho wireless SSID Pre-Shared key (AP > Wireless SSID > Security Settings > Shared Key).

  3. Delete related Wifi proflie in you mobile device and re-associate to Surf Soho Wi-Fi AP.

Hope this help.

what do you reset shared key to? Everything else looks good, still no results. I’m ready to go back to my Cisco Linksys router, that would give me a expensive paper weight in my PEPWAVE SOHO. I am out of patients.


Are you using external antennas at all or the built-in antenna?

  1. Click the details section next to Wi-Fi AP on the dashboard.
  2. Set to WPA/WPA2 Personal and choose a password. Save and Apply changes.
  3. Then on a client device choose the SOHO SSID and put in the applicable password created.

If this still does not work then I would recommend contacting support to have them take a closer look into the issue:

I would also, recommend that the you ensure the SOHO is on current 6.2.0 firmware:

Thanks, reset shared key and all works as intended, I think. It authenticated and I can get online. Much appreciated.