Will too many outbound policies affect router performance?

I have a peplink 1350 and I would like to set the outbound policy for online games on WAN connections with lowest latency. With the number of games that are being played in our kiosk, this would mean like having 500 outbound policies. There’s about a hundred different networks for game servers with several different ports so its a bit tedious to input this to the outbound policy. Will this affect the router performance? Anybody have ideas to simplify the rules?

This is a great question, and I’ll let engineering jump in with the specifics about how having this number of rules might affect performance. I would suggest though that managing and maintaining that number of policies is a task you really don’t want on your to do list - I know I wouldn’t.

There has to be a better way. Are the PCs in your kiosk all multi purpose/use or do you have dedicated high performance PCs for gaming? If there were dedicated client machines for gaming - one way might be to have the gaming PCs in their own subnet and then add an outbound policy that assumes that all traffic from these PCs will be gaming traffic and so needs to be lowest latency (so Source <gaming_subnet> destination ANY -> lowest latency). I’m assuming PCs of course but it might be consoles too which could work in the same way.

What does your setup/network look like?

Thank you for replying. Currently, we have 2 1350s each connected with 20mb fiber lines on all of its wan ports. On each 1350, there are approx 1,000 computers connected to it. They are all under one subnet and each group have their gateways directed to their respective peplink routers. All the computers in the kiosk can be used for gaming and browsing. On other routers they could specify different ports, port ranges, ips and ip ranges by using commas and dashes. It could really simplify the admin’s task if peplink could have this feature. (e.g.,, same goes for ports).

Hi Rommel,

Outbound Policy wouldn’t consume much on system resources. But having 500 outbound rules are not ecourage in term of maintenance and administration.

Please consider suggestion from Martin which using source/destination subnet to simplify the outbound rule.