Will there be a Balance Two future add-on similar to BPL-ONE-LC-5WAN?

I ran a Balance One Core for several years and loved it. About a year ago, I expanded my wireless network to include a wireless bridge to my brother’s house. The addition of his family’s devices pushed the Balance One Core to the point where it did not work to my satisfaction. I upgraded to the Balance Two and it ran beautifully.

I’m currently running 3 WAN connections (using a USB Ethernet adapter) and am looking at expanding to a 4th.

The BPL-ONE-LC-5WAN add-on for the Balance One converts 3 LAN ports to WAN ports.

Is Peplink looking at releasing a similar add-on for the Balance Two? This would be perfect for me.

Did you ever get an answer on this?

Doesn’t look like this ever materialized.

The VLAN WAN feature will come to all units with additional license in the future.

Currently one is included in all PrimeCare models and for the 20X you can buy 1-3: BPL-021X-LC-VWAN licenses.

The Balance Two is not a PrimeCare model, but it uses a faster SoC than the B20X, so they just need to make a SKU that can add this feature.