will SDX good for internet load balance for (1Gig x 4 WAN + 2LTE)

need advice.

My client is a hotel 100 rooms. We will have 4 x FTTX 1Gig and some cellular for backup. I expected the throughput 3-4gbps at LAN interface. Is that possible for SDX ? Do I need to buy SFP+ module ? or in-built 8 port GE can handle in some way ?

3-4Gbps for 100 Rooms… that sounds like a ridiculous over estimation if you are planning that for just LAN<>WAN traffic or is there internal services like IPTV involved?

But, yes the SDX or SDX Pro would be a good fit here on paper it can meet the requirements.

The FTTX lines - are those delivered using PPPoE, you might need to think about another router infront if so as PPPoE on Peplink is generally not that fast due to overheads.

For cellular will you look for a Peplink module, or would you look to use another modem and connect via Ethernet?

If it were me I would use the built in 2x 10G SFP+ ports as LAN interfaces to a suitable switch for the LAN ports - On the SDX the 8x GigE ports are not switchable LAN/WAN, they are LAN only, you could I suppose use LACP bundles but that is messy.

I would then add an 8x GigE LAN/WAN module for your other connections, but if you need a cellular module this would push you to the SDX Pro so you have two slots available.

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From our past checks, you can reconfigure the LANs as WANs if using the Expansion modules (Ethernet or SFP); as for the inbuilt LAN ports, you may need to wait for the new Virtual WAN feature to be available for the SDX.

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4x 1gig sounds crazy for a hotel with 100 rooms.

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Hi friend. Thank for all comment. The internet here is quite fast. 2gbps fttx cost only $48 USD since last year. and unlimited air time 5G 500-800mbps is just $38. we are constantly monitor the bandwidth. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to set port trunking with in-built 8GE ? Or I need to install SFP+ expansion which I prefer to put 5G expansion instead.

Oh my! Understatement of the year! Where is this place? I will move there immediately.


yea! if only it was like that in more places!

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