Will PepVpn work with Redundancy SIM Card

I have 2 MK2 with SIM cards in SIM A and SIM B. Both MK2 are connected through PepVpn.
If i were to pulled out both SIM cards A, will PepVpn work with Redundancy SIM Card (SIM B) ?

I I understand your question correctly, you are asking if the routers will work with a SIM in “B” but not “A.” If that’s your question, the answer is “yes.” The internal model can use either. If you remove “A” just ensure the modem is set to use “B.”

Will it work for Pepvpn too ? i’ve tried it keeps “starting…” and stuck there

Certainly. If you have a “good” WAN, the PepVPN destination is accessible (e.g., not behind carrier-grade NAT) and you have PepVPN configured correctly it’ll work perfectly.

Are you trying to connect to another router where the latter has a cellular connection only?

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