Will a Peplink give us more speed?

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to figure out if a peplink device will make any difference to our current scenario…

We have 1 ADSL2+ line (18Mpbs/0.8Mbps) and 1 x VDSL2 line (23Mbps/10Mbps) coming into our home office. We currently have a DrayTek router which is setup to use the VDSL2 as the primary line, with the ADSL as failover.

We use Mac computers only. We copy a lot of big files to/from an overseas server (which is not connected through a peplink device). We do this by mounting the server on our desktop via AFP, then copying files to/from the server. We do not use a download manager or any other sort of file transfer software. From what I understand copying files like this over AFP will only create 1 session per file (correct me if I’m wrong??).

Question - can a peplink device be used to improve our copying speeds??


In the scenario that overseas server is not connected through a Peplink device, the local Peplink device can only perform per session load balancing over the 2 WAN lines. If both end are using Peplink device, you can set up SpeedFusion VPN and perform per packet load balancing with our proprietary technology.

Stanley, if I was to use a download manager like “igetter” (which performs segmented downloading) instead of mounting the remote server on the desktop via AFP, would the peplink provide any benefit then? Or does is still require the remote server to also use a peplink device to get any advantage? Thanks.

You may also refer to the local reseller or our website for more information.

Hi jimmight - I have read your website already - that’s how I found your forum. I am in New Zealand. The nearest reseller is in Australia, which is a 3 hour flight away. So my “local” reseller is not really that “local”. So I’ll ask here.

I am not too familiar with iGetter but if I understand correctly from the website, seems like it can help because it will break the download into multiple sessions. In that case you will enjoy the benefit of per session load balancing, which allow you to utilise your Internet links more efficient.