Will a Corporate VNP work via SpeedFusion Cloud?

Is my employer’s corporate VPN likely to work via the SpeedFusion Cloud VPN with two bonded internet connections? Or is it unlikely to be compatible?

I’m thinking of getting the Surf model.

Why wouldnt it work? It wouldnt work if they block it. I have connected via tons of VPNs using speedfusion, no issues.

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Son long as the VPN solution is from the last decade and so supports you being behind NAT (like you would be on your ISP router at home) then you’ll be fine.

If you need to set up inbound port forwarding or are typically told to mess with your home router in any way to get your corporate VPN working you might have issues (since when using SpeedFusion Cloud your ‘home router’ becomes the SFC server).

As Mystery says - it will very likely work.

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Sorry for reviving this, but I seem to have issues here. I can only connect to my corporate VPN if I temporarily turn off all the WAN connections except one. I suspect the authentication process is failing when I’m using anything like bonding, smoothing, or FEC through Speedfusion, which makes sense since I assume the responses are coming from routes or sources the VPN authentication process doesn’t expect. Is there a way to setup persistence for the authentication process somehow so that it’s always using a single connection to authenticate before using the SF tunnel for smoothing, etc.?

@Olivier_Hecht if you are using speedfusion cloud then the corporate vpn won’t be able to tell how many WANs you’re using so something else is going on I would suggest.

Are you sure you’re actually sending your traffic via SpeedFusion? It can be easy to set up SFC and not tell devices to actually use it…

Thanks, Martin. I’m sure the traffic is going through SFC…I’m using SSIDs with rules to use each type of SFC tunnel and can see the traffic on the Status page while connected to them.