WiFi WAN on Max Transit product line

I’m new to mobile routers but very familiar with networking. I’m curious if the WiFi antennas on either the Max Transit Duo or the Max Transit Pro can be used for WiFI Wan or if they are strictly for access point.

I have two ethernet WAN connections needing connection to the mobile router. A WL510 from Digital Yacht and Elon Musk’s Starlink. The Transit line seem to only support single WAN via ethernet but if the rear WiFi antenna ports are configurable I can attached the antenna currently plugged into the WL510 leaving the free WAN port for Starlink.

Thank you for any advice.

You can set either 2.4 or 5ghz as Wifi-as-WAN in your dashboard. I’ve found it to work well, but if you have a ton of clients and are pulling in a lot of data I’ve heard things can lag on the duo as the CPU gets overworked from juggling.