wifi wan on 5ghz wont connect to 1 network

i can connect to the issue network via my cell without issues however, when trying to establish a 5ghz connection via the pepwave max transit, it just keeps ‘searching’. This happened recently and not just to this connection point. i know both my 2.4 & 5 work together as i can re-broadcast the 5ghz via my mobile hotspot and the router picks it up fine.

once i select the other network, it does flash ‘obtaining ip address’ and ‘connecting’ but then just goes back to ‘searching’

(pictures attached)

When trying this SSID is your device’s AP mode ON or OFF? As a troubleshooting measure, I would suggest you attach a device over ethernet to the Max Transit with AP mode OFF - then test WiFi-WAN.

If you have some control over the Spectrum AP you should try setting it to a different channel. Also try setting it to 20mhz. Dumb down the settings effectively to see if that affects things…

Also make sure the WiFi-WAN is set:
Channel width - auto
Channel - auto
Output power - Max (uncheck boost)
Acceptable level - 1 bar
Health check method = DISABLED

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