Wifi WAN - Can't see network shares?

New to networking, and this seems like it should be super simple, but any pointers would be greatly appreciated!

Goal: When the Surf is connected to my home network via WiFi WAN, I’d like to be able to access network shares that are attached to the Surf. But, I can’t see the Surf’s network shares (from my home network).

Crude drawing:

Background info:

I have a Surf SOHO MK3 router in an RV, with various devices attached to it (phones, Shield TV, etc).

I’m able to use the WiFi WAN feature on the Surf to connect to wireless networks no problem. All devices on the Surf can connect to the internet. This works great when on the road.

However, when the RV is at home and I use Wifi WAN to connect the Surf to my home router, I’d like to be able to mount the Shield TV drive on my Mac (when it is connected to my home network).

Basically, when the Surf is connected to my home network, I’d like for it to be one big network, same as if all of the devices were on the same network.

Do I need to set up static routes? Do I need to make sure the IP ranges are the same… etc? I’m just not sure what the general setup needs to be. Thanks in advance!

Your devices are protected behind the SOHO. It’s an entirely new LAN walled off by the SOHO firewall.

You’d have to setup port forwarding on the SOHO to your devices to allow traffic from your home network.

From the SOHO’s perspective your home network is just another WAN.

Any reason why your setting this up this way? Is it to isolate your NVIDIA shield from your home network?

If so, better to setup vlans on your home network router (if supported unless it’s a Peplink) then allow traffic into the Vlan from your main LAN.

If vlans not supported usually a guest network feature is provided which is essentially the same thing but with limited functionality. You may not be able to connect to your Nvidia shield with a guest network setup. All depends on the router brand and feature set.

Thanks for the reply!

Your devices are protected behind the SOHO. It’s an entirely new LAN walled off by the SOHO firewall.

Gotcha, that makes sense. Yes, I think that I want to poke through the firewall, so that I can see the devices attached to the Soho (the Shield, etc), from my home router.

I don’t need to isolate the shield from anything… just the opposite - I’d like to access it from my home network. Both the SOHO and the Shield are in the RV… so when the SOHO is connected to my home network (in the driveway, via wifi wan), I want to mount the Shield (while on my home network), so I can add/remove media.

It seems like the best approach would be to set up port forwarding on the SOHO to accomplish this? Or is there a better practice / way?

I have IPsec VPN setup between my home network and van/rv to support this need. This enables me to directly communicate bi-directionally regardless of where my van is located I can access home and vice-versa.

Your home router probably has capability to act as a VPN Sever…?

Gotcha! I have a Synology RT2600ac router, and it’s capable of setting up site to site VPNs. However, if I do that, does that mean that all traffic between the networks will first be going across the internet? Or, when the SOHO is connected to to my home router, all network traffic will route directly? Obviously for transferring media files, a local connection is preferred.

You can program the WAN connection order in the IPsec config. Set it to use WiFi-WAN as 1st…and if you want it to work when away from home then layer in the other WANs…

Peplink WiFi-WAN → wifi (LAN) → synology LAN → synology WAN

I would expect that the flow between synology LAN-side and the synology WAN outside interface would behave like a “loopback” and the traffic would not traverse your ISP.