WIFI Wan access to captive portal AP

I have a Pepwave Transit Max. I want to connect the WAN WIFI to a harbor WIFI that uses captive portal. The WIFI provider register my Pepwave’s MAC to allow it to connect without logging in through the portal. The Pepwave seems to connect with no problem. However, all the devices on the LAN are challenged with the captive portal login. If my devices are behind a router why would the captive portal challenge them . Why don’t my devices all look think the Pepwave to the remote AP? Is there a way to make all the LAN devices look like the traffic is from the Pepwave?

Check if you have IP Pass-Through checked in your WAN connection configuration. If so then uncheck it to allow NAT to take place. Also if you have custom DNS settings set up instead of getting the DNS settings from the upstream network (Harbor) remove those as well. Make sure you also set the router to be your DNS Proxy so it intercepts any DNS calls that your clients may be making because their settings may be pointing them to an internet DNS server instead of the router’s DHCP assigned DNS address.

In order for your LAN clients to route properly through the Transit Max as your router you should refrain from custom settings for your WAN connections unless you know the results of behavior in your topology. Hope this helps.

Make sure Wifi WAN is set to NAT mode. It sounds like it might be set to IP Forwarding mode instead.

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I saw screen shots that showed an IP Forwarding / NAT option. I couldn’t find that. I did find I can add a NAT mapping. Adding a mapping for the default subnet seems to be working. Thanks.