Wifi UDP message rate not comstant



I have a PEPWAVE MAX_BR1_1C4C router.
I use this router to manage a LAN Wi-Fi network.
Into this network, a device (IP: sends an broadcast UDP message at 0.185 second rate on the port 25000.
I observe this message with WireShark software and I notice that the message hasn’t a 0.185 second rate all the time.
At the beginning it’s correct and after about 80 messages it’s shifted to 0.3 second rate (see the attached file and the print under).

I tried to modify the router configuration to improve the situation but nothing helps.

Could you give me a configuration solution to solve this problem?

Perhaps the router can prioritize this message to avoid the rate changing?

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May I know what service is this? 0.185 second rate is necessary? It always changed to 0.3 second rate at packet 80?

Have you tried on a wired connection? Same behavior?



It’s just a broadcast service and the 0.185 sec rate is to have a fluid display.
Anyway, the 0.185 second rate don’t always change after 80 packets. It could change at any time.
The wired connection has not the same behavior and it works perfectly. The 0.185 sec rate is constantly maintained.
Can I send myPEPWAVE MAX_BR1configuration?



May i know the WireShark packet captured result that you shared previously are from which device ? Beside that, possible to share us to software name that sending the UDP broadcast ?

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Please find a network schematic showing the different hardware.
I don’t think it’s a problem with the Ti OMAP137 hardware, because it perfectly works in wired connection with the PepWave router.
I think it a problem of Wifi router configuration.

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It’s common that for WIFI connection network packet sent slightly delayed due to the WIFI medium used. It’s influenced by the WIFI signal & interference for the environmental.

Recommended, multicast or uni-cast traffics is used to improve the performance.

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Could I modify the router configuration to improve the wifi performance? There are a lot of tuning possible.

Is multicast or uni-Cast possible in UDP protocole. Do you have an exemple to explain the multicast or uni-Cast basis?

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This is not related to the AP configuration and it’s more on the latency causes when travelling using WIFI medium compare to Wired. If you need such high guarantee round trip time (0.185), please consider to use wired connection.

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