Wifi troubles with balance 310

I have D-LINK DWR-113 connected directly to the peplink 310 LAN port. The WiFi does not work very well and is erratic especially during morning hours. Both peplink310 and the DWR-113 have the latest firmware. We have a static IP based network. am i doing something wrong or i need a better router.


I assume that you have configured these two devices in the following way.

ISP — Balance310 — DLink ))))) or ---- LAN

— wired
))) wireless

Based on this configuration, I would like you to eliminate some basic configuration issues.

  1. Balance uses IP address scheme for its LAN by default. What kind of IP address scheme does your DLink use? (It seems that this DLink router uses IP address scheme by default). If they use the same IP address scheme or overlap, Please arrange them so that they can have a different network.
  2. What would happen when you connect non-WiFi machines directly to the LAN ports of the DLink? Do they function okay?
  3. What would happen when you bypass the Balance 310 and connect the DLink directly to the ISP modem. Then, test the WiFi connectivity from the DLink?

Since you have a static IP based network, there might be some IP conflict issues.
Please keep us updated.


My Dlink has 4lan ports and 1 wan port,at present i have connected the peplink with the Dlink through the LAN port.

The peplink has IP in the range and the Dlink’s dhcp is turned off and its LAN IP is

DLink router might not prefer this kind of configuration. Basically the DLink router is being used as a switch using only LAN ports.

What I would suggest is to connect the DLink WAN port to a Peplink Balance LAN port and create two networks.
Peplink Balance LAN can keep using However, DLink LAN should use a different network such as 192.168.1.x/24

The following is the example:

ISP Modem—[WAN]Balance310[LAN- ]—[WAN]DLink[LAN-192.168.1.x/24] )))))) LAN Clients

You can still disable DHCP function in both Peplink Balance and DLink router. However, they should have different networks.

Please keep us posted. Thanks!