Wifi Traffic Routing

I would like to route traffic from the WiFi AP out through one of the LAN ports. I can’t see anyway of boing this on a BR1. Can anyone help?

Could you ask the question in a different way? What are you trying to achieve?

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Hi Martin I have a construction customer and we provide the cellular connectivity for their site office. The customer manages their LAN behind their Watchguard firewall with creates a secure VPN back to their data centre. They would like to have WiFi coverage no only inside the site office but also out on site. One way of doing this would be to use a PUCK 5 to give WiFi to the site. The problem with this is that the WiFi traffic will stay on the BR1 and will not be behind the firewall and therefore out on site devices will not be able to access corporate services. So thought if I could route the WiFi traffic out via the LAN port it could then go into the firewall?

Hello @BRYAN_SD,
You can do this by using VLANs.

In very simple high level steps:

  1. Create the VLAN (VLAN#1234) without any DHCP (if your pulling the DHCP from the behind the firewall)
  2. Create the SSID and assign it to the new VLAN (VLAN#1234)
  3. Change the LAN Port from Trunk to the new VLAN (VLAN#1234)

Happy to help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

@mldowling is right on the money. It would look like this:

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Thankyou for your help gentlemen much appreciated


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