WIFI Throughput Speed

I just purchased Max BR1 MK2 LTEA that I have installed in my 5th wheel trailer. I am using a MobileMark 5in 1 LTM thru the roof antenna.

Is there a throughput limit or throttling setting? When I connect wirelessly via my laptop to my home wifi inside my home my wifi speed test is 275 Mbps. When I connect to my home wifi via the Max BR1 in my 5th wheel my speed test is 17Mbps. If connect via my wifi direct to my home wifi sitting in my 5th wheel the speed is 118 Mbps.

Can you tell me why my speed would be significantly reduced connecting via the Pepwave Max BR1?

Hi Tim,

Two quick things to check.

  1. It may be possible that your laptop is connecting with a wider channel width when connecting directly to your home WiFi. Check your WiFI WAN Setting on the MK2 to see if it is set to 20 MHz or 20/40 MHz. Try it on 20/40.

  2. Check your WiFi as a WAN signal Strength. I have seen a case with a SuperC Motorhome with a similar setup to yours (MK2 and Roof Mount Antenna on a tall rig) that had poor WiFi signal strength when parked beside his home. In that case the rooftop outside antenna was well above the home router WiFi and had a lot of the motorhome wall and roof metal attenuating the WiFi signal. Compounding the signal problem is that home WiFi was below the radiation pattern of the motorhome antenna. When he parked farther away the signal strength improved.



Hi Tim,

Did you ever determine a solution to your slow wifi-wan performance? I am using the same device+antenna as you and have similar performance… thx

No not really. I was told that the antenna spectrum is wide and if it’s on the roof of a 5th wheel 14’ in the air the wifi source has to be a good distance away. The other thing I was told is the antenna needs to be further away from the AC unit. I have seen speeds in the 30Mbps.

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