Wifi SSID not visible

For some reason my wifi SSID is not visible.

I have a Br1 Max 5g at firmware 8.4.1.

I have pretty nice/standard wifi antennas on it.

In Web Admin, I enabled the AP controller and setup a SSID. I made sure the SSID was broadcasting and visible.

I forgot that I could control this from Incontrol2 as well. So I went there and get all the devices the same SSID and made sure it was visible there.

I still don’t see the SSID visible on my phones or laptops.

Any idea what could be causing this?

It’s just a standard WPA2 network… Nothing special…

EDIT: I should mention that I currently have no external APs on. I’m trying to get it working with just the Max’s builtin Wifi to start out with.


@undeadindustries I assume you have turned ON the Wi-Fi AP (as opposed to my settings attached).

The next thing you can check is the “Controller Status” > “Wireless SSID”, if nothing appear then it must be something unexpected. If the device is purchased via a Peplink Certified Partner, you can have them to verify the settings of the BR1 Pro-5G, or, log a support ticket with us to check on the unit (NOTE: You may turn on the Remote Assistance at the same time so we can look into the device once our team work on the case).