WiFi Setup Input

-13 AP One Enterprises
-All AP’s connected to Peplink 24-Port-SD-850W (All we needs is VLANs and PoE).
-Peplink Balance 210
-Both Guest and Staff with be 2.4 and 5.0 using “Band Steering” “Prefer” as not all devices will be compatible for 5.0.
-Needs roaming environment for computers that move between patient rooms. I understand this has mostly to do with the end device itself.
-Staff LAN will be vlan 50 dedicated on one switch uplink to Sonicwall with all necessary licensing and certs for HIPPA compliance. Needs to be this way because staff networks communicated to servers for medical software. This subnet will be created in sonicwall itself and be segmented to communicate specific traffic to server subnet and yadadada. Sonicwall will ACL all traffic they need.
-Guest LAN will be produced by B210 and will be vlan 100. Another uplink will be dedicated vlan 100 and all ports connected to AP’s on switch will be trunk ports and allow these vlans.
-Captive portal will be set on guest lan with terms of use and necessary content filtering, mostly porn.
-The AP’s will be anywhere from 50-100 feet away from each other in all directions with the exception of maybe a few being a tad closer.

***This isn’t a question of how to as we set up Wireless networks all of the time. This is more of a recommendation from Peplink directly that I never asked because I always forgot.
*** I usually manually set the channel width and the channels themselves, power output, etc


  1. I am curious can I just created my networks for both 2.4 and 5 and just set the widths, channels, and power output to auto for everything and will the AP’s just detect all of the following automatically depending on each others needs?
  2. Do the Pepwave AP’s support protocols that help with devices roaming?
  3. If 1 is not so then what would you recommend as best practice on your AP’s in a network environment like this. I understand best practice for these frequencies in terms of width and when to use certain width and what not but I would like to know what you would recommend in an environment such as this?



Assume the environment only having Pepwave APs. The answer is yes.

Roaming is the decision of wireless client. We don’t have such protocol.

Hope this help.

Great thank you for the advice.