WiFi Settings Group/SSID & Config Import

Hi All,

Was wondering if there is a way of mass-importing a MAC access list to the Wifi config of all devices in a group?

Alternatively, are there any placeholders that can be used for the SSID in the group config to alter the SSID per device (eg, use the device name)? Each of our devices in a group needs a different SSID, but would be nice to be able to share the rest of the Wifi settings somehow…

Also, is there a way to deploy settings such as Application Blocking en-masse to multiple devices from incontrol2?



There are 3 questions posted.

Are you referring to the SSID defined MAC Filter lists ?
Can you provide details how you need to mass-importing the MAC access ?

Can you provide the details use case how the devices is being deployed and why you need to have different SSID with same WIFI settings ? Beside that, may i know the devices in the same group are for the same customer ?

This can be achieve using bulk configurator settings. For more information, you can refer to the forum thread below:

Do let me know whether this make sense for your deployment.

Thank You