WIFI Settings at Organisation level

Just pulling my request here to get more visibility: AP One Firmware 3.9.4 RC 1 - #6 by Michael

I would like to see more settings at organisation level in general, but this specifically is about wifi.

Most of our customers have WIFI that is org-wide, and for enterprise networks that’s not so bad, we can create that within each group without issue (or copy when creating new groups). It would be nice to set once and apply it to groups, but its ok.

PPSK could be done the same, but its more work- if a new PPSK is added for a new device, we might need to then go and re-configure that same PPSK in 50+ groups. It would be nice to ensure consistency and prevent mistakes to have it done once in one place.

(a similar dynamic exists with DNS settings and so on, but this topic is specifically about WIFI).


Hello @bryn.loftus & @Michael,
I’ve responded to this with a +1 (and written previously via other correspondence) on this to Peplink in past years.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

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I support this as well - would be very useful for larger corporations and their deployments.