Wifi Network created in in-control does not show up

I created a 2.4GHz only (no 5GHz) wifi network via in control but it has disappeared and none of my devices can find it. I had trouble getting it to show up in the first place. Any ideas? Picture attached. Thanks in advance!

Do you have the correct country setting defined for the device ? Country setting is important to make sure the correct WIFI band SSID is broadcasted.

Beside that, can you please make sure the latest firmware is use for the device ? You can download the latest firmware by using the following URL :

If you have the correct settings and firmware running as mentioned above, you can open a ticket to allow support team to check on the device.


Yes I do have USA selected. I have locked the 2.4GHz band to ch 5 and it has worked for the longest so far. I found this on another thread where it seems many people have this same issue.

Also, the firmware is up to date.

There are many possibilities. Sit Loong has pointed out one of the reasons where certain WIFI bands (e.g. band 12 and 13 for 2.4GHz radio) are not able to scan by the WIFI devices. Please open ticket for us to take a look. By the way, may I know which model you are using?