Wifi Mesh - strange behavior

I am running a mesh network with 3 AP AC Minis. I am using a Balance One Core as an AP controller.

Yesterday, I updated the firmware to 8.1.2 build 5114, so I don’t know if this is an issue related to the beta or if it is in the Mesh logic itself. Feel free to move to whichever “Product Discussion” you feel is best.

Since upgrading, I have found that my mesh is misbehaving. The meshed APs are on the perimeter of my house, so issues with it are often unnoticed for significant periods of time. I honestly don’t know what it is doing, but here are the symptoms that lead me to start looking…

  1. Web pages fail to load - even web admin for router
  2. Meshed APs seem to be connecting to each other - there is a blue line connecting the two APs in the Mesh/WDS status page.
  3. The wired mesh AP (that the other two should be connecting to) seems to have issues with keeping clients connected. I see a Harmony Remote Hub re-associating every minute or so.
  4. Problem persists until the meshed APs are shut down AND the wired AP is restarted
  5. For about 4-5 minutes after the AP is rebooted, the AP->Status->Mesh/WDS page is non-responsive and will not allow any inputs (I cannot navigate away from the page - I have to close Safari and start again)
  6. During that same 4-5 minutes - the router can not tell that the two non-wired APs have been turned off

I do have a “dumb” switch between the router and the wired AP, but no other wired devices connected to that switch are having any issues.

I haven’t tried reverting the router firmware. I would think that other than pushing out a config, the router really doesn’t do much with “controlling” the mesh. Since the APs themselves did not get any updates (HW revision 1) AND I have seen similar issues on the old router firmware – I don’t think the beta firmware is related; but, please let me know if you think otherwise.

For now, I just have the meshed APs turned off until I can get some kind of monitoring to tell me when they are “unreachable”. I also have two AP One AXs that don’t seem to be impacted at all. It is just the luck of the draw whether or not the client device will join the AX or the AC minis – they are broadcasting the same SSIDs. Please let me know if there are any other details that might help in diagnosing the issue. Since it isn’t a big deal, I would prefer to not submit a ticket – all of the devices involved are way out of warranty.

I lied. I noticed that there was an “official” firmware released (non-beta), so I am installing that version and seeing if there is any difference. I wouldn’t expect any “changes” between the RC version and the final version – maybe just some debug code removed. I will post back if it acts up again.

May I know what is the firmware version of your AC Minis? Are they using the special firmware (e.g. 3.6.2s02)?

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Nope, they were on 3.6.2b01-1920, but after realizing that the “official” release was available - I updated them to 3.6.2-1938. No issues since updating the firmware. I guess I should have RTFM