WIFI IP Security Camera Recommendations - PEPWAVE Maritime Applications

Can anyone recommend preferably with experience of a specific make and model a good known to work well within a maritime environment wifi IP dome camera with effective IR NVIS, ios/Android app with cloud video capture storage and easy to configure with PEPWAVE.

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This might work for you https://getoco.com/collections/all/products/oco-pro-dome-outdoor-camera-v2

We have been using their WiFi bullet cams for several years and have had no problem.
I replaced the omnidirectional antenna with a flat panel antenna on one of the cams that’s three hundred feet from the WiFi AP. Real time video and recorded events are always great.

Thanks, @Ballistic that’s the kind of camera I’m looking for just need a UK/EU version.

If you don’t need a dome cam, Google Nest Cams work well.

But Nest uses a data constantly.
Just one Nest cam Indoor used a total of 92.4Gb last month (88.8Gb upload / 3.57Gb download)

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Don’t disagree but the OP did say “cloud video capture storage”

I guess that can be interpreted two ways:
a) continuous video upload to cloud
b) upload of motion sensed events only to cloud

Since boats often can be without internet, many opt for a solution with local storage (NVR) just note that some boats are not stable and can probably damage the NVR hard drive bouncing around, it should be installed in the most stable part of the boat.

Morning everyone, we use an NVR solution from GOST that works very well with plenty of options but is high end so priced out of most recreational boaters budget. Nest, BLINK, and alike are at the right price point and as @Sam_Norris as pointed out can consume a lot of background data plus I suspect won’t like longterm salt air environment, although the BLINK upload to cloud when a camera is triggered would be nice feature. GLOMEX :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: offer a simple wifi dome camera that is kind of the solution I’m trying to track down. Ideally recreational boaters want a cheap easy to use solution that allows them to easily check their boat in their marina so should’t really be out of LTE range. Could be a nice add on product from PEPLINK…

Hello @JustinEccott,
You can source these from a locally approved integrator, the Mobotix cameras handle extremely well in every environment, they are super energy efficient, have some of the best data processing algorithms to both buffer and keep data usage down. These do certainly cost more than your “Consumer” camera as they are a professional device, though the extra cost will give you many years of reliable performance when set up professionally.

And they work really well with the Pepwave MAX routers in remote deployments.
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