Wifi IC2 confusion

I would like to make a point or suggestion that IC2 is confusing in how it presents management choices for APs.
From the Dashboard page the WiFi AP control options are SSID and Radio settings where Radio settings can be set individually but SSID appear to be only group settings and do not report individual device SSID settings. Yet in the Device Details - Device Management page where you then adjust WiFi Config you cannot set radio settings.
Maybe I am missing something.

Hi Brad,

Your comment is valid. We will do the following improvements:

  1. to be able to see each device’s SSID settings in a glance
  2. to be able to change radio settings in the Device Management page

We will roll the improvements out as soon as they are ready. Thanks for your comments!

I just purchased 2 additional APoneACminis to fill in holes on my site. And when using IC2 I was very much impressed by the changes that allow for easy multiple device radio and SSID configuration. The Tagging utilization is a brilliant idea and I am using it for band control and device preference control to combat inadvertent roaming.
Great Job IC2 team!!

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