Wifi end users purchasing data before being able to use



I have installed a Pepwave system on a marine vessel that is going to be used as an open waters charter boat.

There is a MAX HD2 LTEA with a KVH and Iridium Satellite feeding data into the pepwave. Then out to a 24 way Peplink switch to distribute the data out to the APs and smart TV’s.

The vessel will be in open waters most of the time and therefore be using satellite data. The customer is asking if there is a way for the charter customers to have to purchase data and enter a password to “unlock the data”. Is there a pepwave product or something in the software that will allow us to achieve this? If not, could you point me in the direction of something that will be able to do this?

Please note that the owner of the boat is not very tech savvy, so this would need to be a very simple option.



@nick.gavin, base on the requirement description, it looks like the InControl 2 > Captive Portal, [Token] access method might be applicable to the scenario. You can refer to this KB article for more details on configuring this option.

Of course, the customer would need a way (manually or 3rd party system) to take care the billing to the onboard passengers who use the Internet service.


Thanks @WeiMing This is something that might be able to be used.

Is there a way of putting a bandwidth quota onto the token? Or is it only a time quota? A bandwidth quota will be required in this application as the WIFI client could end up using a large amount of KVH satellite data if it is under time quota, which could end up being very expensive.



This is the available options.