WiFi DHCP issues

I have a Surf SOHO. It’s running the **6.2.0b02 build 1575 **beta. However the issues I have have been occurring since I got the unit when it was running 5.x.x. The unit periodically hangs on assigning a wifi DHCP or assigns one out of range and then the unit stops making wifi connections to devices. Wired connections remain rock solid but this means a reboot is needed. This can happen multiple times in a day. I’ve included a screengrab shoeing the Xbox with an odd out of range ip. Sometimes a device will show

The 169 IP address your Xbox has is generated by the Xbox itself when it doesn’t see a DHCP server. This could be due to low signal strength, -79 is not very good.

Are you using an external antenna on the SOHO?

thanks, good point. I do have antennas and I have the max boost set to enable. Xbox is on the same floor about 50 feet away from the router but through 3 walls. On the other hand this will happen with my chromecast and which is in the same room about 15’ away from the router and then it shows (plus this happens with other devices as well that are in close proximity to the router)

You could also try a different wireless channel and see if that helps.

If needed, you can also open a support ticket for further investigation:

yep tried that, seems happiest set to auto. Might be worth revisiting but I live very rurally and can’t imagine too much in the way of interference around here