Wifi coverage area of device connector

Dear, our customer need to install 300 device connector on factory steel.
We want know, what can be coverage area of this two type of device connector :

(indoor) Device connector 300M Cod: DCS-AGN
(outdoor) Device Connect 300M IP67 Cod: DCS-AGN-IP67
thanks regards

Hi Antonio,

It is about 50 meters (radius). Anyway recommended to do site survey because the coverage may affected by others factor.

This is difficult to put an exact number on because there are lots of variables. It will easily go several hundred meter, but the client devices will have much lower output power and this will affect overall performance.

What is the maximum distance for a point to point link using the device connector?


Is this is outdoor or indoor? We do not have a fixed maximum distance as this is dependent on the environment in which it is installed. As TK mentioned above the best route to go would be to do a site survey.

Hello, is for outdoor.

As previously mentioned, it is hard to calculate exact distance because of several factors. We recommend to do a site survey and work with a local company that specializes in this.