Wifi connection problem

An iPad has connected to WiFi on a Surf SOHO many times before, but now its having problems. The interesting thing is that in the Client List the iPad has shown up with an IP address of 169.x.x.x and now it is showing with an IP address of The network uses a standard 192.168.x.x subnet.

The Client List says its connected to the WiFi network and displays the correct MAC address. Of course something is wrong, but **what, if anything, can be learned from these obviously invalid IP addresses? **

The event log has a trace of all DHCP assignments and needless to say, the router did not give out either of these IP addresses. Router was running firmware 6.3.1. I updated to 6.3.3 and rebooted, but no obvious change.

Possibly an issue with the iPad itself? Does it have any issues connecting to other AP’s? Are any of the other connected devices having an issue?

Yes, it was a problem with the iPad and cold booting fixed it.

But, I would think that connecting to a WiFi network is an all or nothing thing - that is, a client device is either connected or not. This device seemed half connected. That the list of attached devices would show a device with an IP address of or 169.254.x.x seems like a bug. The iPad is using DHCP, never got assigned an IP address by the router, yet is still showing up in the Client List. Is this a bug?

Hi Michael, I guess I would consider this a plus instead of a bug. The client list was able to tell you that there is a problem device on the network that is unable to obtain a valid IP and you were able to identify it because of the MAC address being correct.

Very true. Thanks Tim.