WiFi Configuraiton in IC2

In IC2 for the PepLink and we see Operation Country for the WiFi. This setting usually sets the operating freq and other settings required by law (like FCC).
A customer of ours is going to operate in an African country which does have any regulations, and is not on the list.
Is there a operating country than can be selected which does not have any restrictions? Or, is there an option to skip this step of the configuration?

Normally if you can’t find the country in the operating country list, you can consider to choose the nearest/similar country that your country regulation are following. I think Kenya is of of the country in Africa, will that work for you ?

Definitely country list will be improve from time to time base on the request and special requirements from each country.

May i know in which specific country your customer is operating in African and any special regulations involved ? We could take that into consideration when revising the country list.

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My apologies for the delay. I have just received confirmation from the customer that they would like to use the device in South Africa, and set it for that. Unfortunately, they do not have details of the rules/regulations that would apply there.