WiFi comparison between Balance One and 30 Pro

Dear Peplink experts:

In the past month I have tested the Balance One and Balance 30 Pro routers in my home office. I see 330(+) Mbps at the wall and 270-320(+) Mbps at the router. (Both routers have up-to-date firmware and speed tests were performed at fast.com.)

The Balance One provided stable 5 GHz WiFi of 250+ Mbps out of the box without much tweaking. However, the median WiFi speed provided by the 30 Pro is ~150 Mbps and the measurements are all over the place. For example, the results of this morning’s tests on two laptops were: 45 Mbps (WiFi) vs. 290 Mbps (RJ45) on laptop A, and 36 Mbps (WiFi) vs. 280 Mbps (RJ45) on laptop B. (Thus, the 30 Pro WiFi measurements also have a positive skewness.)

The routers were tested in the same physical location with comparable radio settings. I have checked for channel interference and don’t see anything (and have of course tried different channels and power levels). The 30 Pro has external antennae while the One has internal antennae, so at this point I am wondering if this ~50% difference in 5 GHz WiFi may be attributed, at least in part, to different antennae. Are there any Peplink/antenna experts who could comment on this?

Thank you kindly!