Wifi Client connecting but not getting DHCP IP in assigned range?


MAX BR1 Mini Factory reset, LAN IP range changed. Manual DHCP reservation entered (reserving
Then the device connects (windows PC on an Intel NUC) and this happens:

Rebooted NUC, BR1 Mini, turned round and touched the ground three times - still when the NUC connects its gets assigned a 169. Auto config IP.

Any Ideas people?


May I know which firmware version the BR1 Mini is running?

I would suggest perform Network Capture via support.cgi page to confirm what is happening there.



Hi Martin,

this is a problem while resolving the DHCP request. In this case you’ll get such a “APIPA” address. Is it possible that you have more than one network card in this Client? (I give the answer myself, yes, thats WiFi … you have LAN as well)

Maybe you can try in the cmd an “ipconfig /renew” or “ipconfig /release”

I have this problem often if change a few devices on my network-cable (e.g. to update all my demo-stuff)

best wishes from Germany


The 169 address is on wifi. The 192 address is on wired LAN. Both have the same MAC. Is the device capable of spoofing any desired MAC?


OK, got to the bottom of this. This Intel NUC has a wired LAN port. The customer was then plugging that into a vonets wifi bridge which was spoofing the LAN mac over Wifi.

So I think the BR1 couldn’t cope with seeing the MAC on wired and wifi LAN and so crapped out leaving the NUC with an APIPA address when connecting via wifi.

Got them to statically assign the IP address and changed the DHCP range on the BR1 - job done. Thanks for your help.