Wifi bridge between 2 Surf Sohos?

I have a Surf Soho that is connected to end user’s home wireless network as a wireless bridge. From there, a Layer 2 PepVPN is connecting the Surf Soho to HQ.

Distance between Surf Soho and home router/wireless: a few rooms. However, this is an apartment complex so there are a number of wireless APs around. The problem I’m having is that the PepVPN connection is constantly cutting out.

My two solutions are to (1) replace the end user’s older wireless router (try this first) and if that doesn’t work to (2) put in a USB modem as secondary connection for the Surf Soho. Due to the location of the apartment, there may be only one cell provider that provides a solid 4G connection at that location.

Is it possible/advisable to replace the end user’s older wireless router with another Surf Soho and then do the wireless bridge to the existing Surf Soho? I would think two Surf Sohos would play nice together more easily than another unit we are considering like a Routerboard.


Look like you are having interference problem.

Can I suggest to replace the old wireless router with existing Surf Soho (if media type is RJ45 from ISP) then provide 802.11a/n Wi-Fi Access to clients? The physical connection as bellow:-

ISP —RJ45—> Surf Soho )))802.11a/n))) Clients