WiFi "Boost" option - what does it do?



just a small question: what exactly does the WiFi “Boost” option do (technically speaking)? I could not find any information inside the official manual for the MAX BR1 nor does this option have a mouseover info box.

Could you please give me an inside into that option? Especially I would like to know if a device with that setting enabled still obeys to the respective regulatory domain in terms of not only channels but also tx power.




Power Boost will violate US broadcast guidelines but international guidelines you’ll need to look into further. The boost function increases the transmit power by a great deal basically.


Thanks, Jason, for chiming in. Well, the basic functionality is pretty obvious. But how am I supposed to evaluate if that settings does or does not interfere with a specific countries’ regulatory domain settings without knowing the exact factor by which the tx power is boosted?

I am by no means a WiFi or RF expert, but AFAIK there are fixed channel and maximum transmission power (EIRP) settings published for most industrialized countries in the world. Without knowing the exact factor or maybe factors used I might end up getting my customers in trouble. And don’t think anyone around here wants that.



The boost will take the normal transmit to just over 1watt (to the best of my knowledge) from the normal 50-300’ish miliwatts. But a member of our Hardware/Engineering team can confirm that.

I agree with you (Ha! and was just talking a bit about this on an unrelated matter at my house yesterday) regarding getting in trouble. Again I do know this will technically violate FCC guidelines but am unsure of international ones.


For an overview of WiFi transmission strength maxima, this posting seems well informed: Maximum wifi transmission power per country