Wifi as Wan Searching

I received my MAX BR1 MK2 recently and did what anyone would do out of the box and updated the firmware for the device.
Once it boot cycled and started back up again I logged in and started setting things up. First I tried to apply a wi-fi as wan connection for my 2g connection and tried to connect to my home router.

Once I applied the settings saved and tried to connect I am hit with a connection in the wi-fi as wan but not really seeming to try to connect. I went to the event logs and seen nothing out of the norm there but it didn’t really have any relevant information for me there.

I rolled back the firmware and started all over again and viola the 2g connection connected perfectly fine and had no issues. But this doesn’t seem acceptable to me as I assume the firmware was updated for a reason and I will want to move to the “latest greatest” for security and stability.

Firmware it originally came with is
8.0.0s061 build 1436

The one I upgraded to is
8.2.0 build 5066

Another odd thing to me is that when I create a hot spot from my phone it seems to connect just fine but for some reason doesn’t want to connect to my home router which is a netgear R7960P.

My wifi as wan settings


First of all its not 2g, thats a cellular acronym. You are talking about 2.4ghz wifi.

Second, how far is your home network router? What encryption is it using? Press the “Wireless Networks” button and lets see the details on networks and signals.

I am aware of the acronym’s and understand it’s 2.4ghz…

The network is on a floor below me and it’s using WPA/WPA2-Personal, it’s well within connecting range and I can connect to it from every device in my home except the pepwave device.
The 5ghz has the exact same issue as the 2.4ghz as well.