WiFi as WAN -Balance, Multiple Failover, Options?

Lets assume you have Zero ethernet connections because - reasons.

But you have

  • Starlink WiFi (indoor)
  • Cellphone Hotspot (indoor)
  • Local Building WiFi (outdoor)
  • Cafe Hotspot (outdoor)
  • Cellular MiFi Unit (vendor locked, no ethernet) (indoor)

So at least 5 x WiFi options, some indoor, some outdoor, and you want to connect to 3/4/5 at once, and load balance.

How would you / what unit could do this?

Bands could be 2.4 or 5.8
Mix of indoor and outdoor antenna’s needed

Thoughts please?

Hello @Paul_Y,
Start with a Pepwave MAX Transit model or Pepwave MAX HD# MBX model, then pick a Peplink router to give you more WANs to use for Wi-Fi WAN and add in the Pepwave Device Connector.

It all comes down to costs. If your budget is small, consider a MAX Transit on PrimeCare and use its two Wi-Fi radios. If budget is not the issue, go with a MAX HD2 MBX with additional Pepwave Device Connectors on its WAN ports.

Both recommended routers have Celluar modems within, though there are many ways to build this solution for you.

Note that the Pepwave Device Connector is not approved in all areas worldwide.
Your local Peplink Partner can assist in getting the solution together for you.

Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:


Assuming no budget constraints, using an Balance 30 Pro with 2 ethernet WAN, and 2 x Max Transit, would mean 4 max possible WiFi WAN balanced

Using MBX could take that to 3 ethernet WAN and 6 x wifi, assuming 3 x 5.8 and 3 x 2.4

Inbuilt with Max HD MBX is not for WiFi_as_WAN I think?

Assume using zero inbuilt LTE. WiFi only to 3rd party devices.

Clearly wired is preferred, but in some countries it’s not available due to carrier hardware locks.

every MAX-device (with built-in WiFi) has WiFi as WAN