Wifi as Wan and Iridium Go

My Max Transit Cat 18 has just arrived. Has anybody managed to successfully set up Wifi as Wan to connect to the Iridium Go and been able to route data through it? Due to the data rate, it would need pretty strict firewall policies. Please can you share your experiences.

Hello @Neziak,
There are thousands of Peplink/Pepwave devices deployed around the world that only have a connection via some form of low bandwidth &/or high latency connection, such as experienced through Satelite providers.

The firewall rules are very customisable, and the MAX Transit series also comes with some good content filtering.

Where are you based, you local Peplink Partner (who we hope you brought the device through) will be able to guide you.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcus. We are in Europe but do not plan to activate our sat plan until we cross the Atlantic late this year. I’ll contact my Peplink Dealer for instructions then but if anybody has had experience with this - specifically to allow predictwind offshore app and iridium Mail app traffic only, then please share the protocols / destination servers so that we do not need to reinvent the wheel at that time.

Hello @Neziak,
You should eb able to find the information you need doing a public seach on the ISPs website, if you need further assistance, just ask the community here in the forum.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile:

Hi Neziak,
on an Iridium Go there are a number of things I would do to reduce unnecessary data usage:

  1. Disable healthcheck on WIFI WAN - you don’t want to waste bandwidth checking its available
  2. Create general internet rule - Create an outbound policy (lowest latency) and include all WANs apart from WIFI WAN (which is connected to the Iridium). Make sure ‘Drop the traffic’ is selected for this rule so that WIFI WAN never gets used for general internet access. image
  3. Let predictwind use WIFI WAN - Create an outbound policy priority rule for forecast.predictwind.com that prioritizes all other WAN links first then WIFI WAN last, put this above all other rules.
  4. Iridium email. You’d need to do a littl ebit of detective work to find out what servers they use for email. Once you have those (IPs or DNS name) you can then create another rule for that and add it above the predictwind rule above.

Good luck! Shout if you need any help.