WIFI AP won't allow devices to connect again after scheduled down time

I have a SOHO MK3 and setup a schedule to turn the WIFI AP off at night. When it comes back online in the morning, no devices (fire tablets, windows laptops, etc) can connect to the router’s wifi unless I reboot the router. It broadcasts the SSID but nothing can connect to it. I have firmware 8.0.2 and will try 8.1.0 Beta.

Wired connections work fine.

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Just to make sure…are the devices set to connect automatically to the AP?
And use static IP address instead of DHCP, set up all the devices with static IP address.

The devices are setup to connect automatically. If I try to manually connect they still fail. They are setup to use DHCP.

@BuffaloCreek I use schedules to turn off wifi for security after business hours. I am using it to turn off the SSID, not the device itself. Under SSID settings, the second line Enable, change from Always On to the name of our schedule.

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Thanks for your response. That is exactly what I did and devices are not able to reconnect without a reboot of the router.

@BuffaloCreek, do your other devices work before rebooting the router? Do you have wired devices on the same LAN, do they work? If they do, its not the router. Are you talking about the internal AP or an externa one?

You said the SSID is there but you can’t connect. Are you able to authenticate to the access point, but no internet?

If you don’t use the schedule and leave the SSID on all the time, do you still have the same problem?


No wifi devices in the entire home can reconnect to the router unless I reboot the router. It’s a simple setup with 1 LAN and 1 AP. All the devices see the SSID in the morning when the schedule is back on but none of them can connect. Wired connections always work fine. After upgrading to the new beta firmware the issue appears to have gone away. Due to the fact that several different types of devices (fire tablets, windows laptops, etc) can’t connect it points at the router being the problem. Especially after a reboot or new firmware ‘fixes’ the connectivity issues.

I have a similar issue with Balance One running the latest 8.1.0 Beta 2 firmware with only a few clients (e.g. Auna Webradio). My config had in addition an active Macfilter (Deny all except…) and I used the latest WPA2/WPA3 personal + active Fast Transition setting as possible now with the beta firmware.
Removing MacFilter or Fast Transition enabled the clients to reconnect.
Opened Support ticket No. [20050202] for it. Support is still investigating.